Solstice (2020)

Sandy Thomson (Lead)                             

Wizardlight Productions

Feature Film

- Sweden Film Awards 2020 

- Redmoon Film Festival 2021
- Sands Film Festival 2021
- Sonder Blu Film Festival 2021

- TIFF the Tagore International Film Festival 2021 (Best Actor: James Kane)

- AIFF Argenteuil International Film Festival 2021 (Best Feature Film)

- Serbia International Youth Film Festival 2022


Ian's Gone Postal (2021 - Series 2)

Ian (Lead)                             

A Feral Penguin Production

Dir: Graham Cameron

Ian's Gone Postal (2020 - Series 1)

Ian (Lead)                             

A Feral Penguin Production

Dir: Graham Cameron


Staples 'n' Things (2021)                


Dir: Amanda McCormack

Heading to Holyrood (2014)                

Self (Presenter)

Producers: Holly Ritchie, Eleanor Plackett

BBC Scotland, BBC News

See online edited clips of documentary and related interviews. 
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Now’s The Hour (2013/14)

Featured Actor

Producer: Sarah Howitt

Dir: Fraser MacLeod

Scottish Youth Theatre. BBC Learning,

BBC2, BBC2 Scotland 

Join short clip of documentary from the start - please bear in mind I was 3 years younger.

BBC Generation 2014              

Producers worked with include:

David Stenhouse, Dave Howard,

Lucy Anderson, Lesley Haw, 

Esme Kennedy, Jack Kibble-White

and Donna McCabe

Appearances on:

BBC Scotland Reporting Scotland 

BBC 1 The One Show

CBBC Newsround

BBC2 Sunday Politics with Gordon Brewer

BBC World News Live from Holyrood

BBC Scotland Debate with Gary Robertson

BBC 2, Scotland 2014 with Sarah Smith

BBC Parliament The Big Conversation, Edith Bowman

Producers worked with include: David Stenhouse, Dave Howard, Lucy Anderson, Lesley Haw, Esmé Kennedy,

Jack Kibble-White, Donna McCabe, Holly Ritchie, Eleanor Plackett, Sarah Howitt

FILM (SHORT) - Drama, Musical, ACTION:

From Within (2022)

Joe (Lead)                             

Wizardlight Productions

Agent Grey (2022)

Owen Grey (Lead)                             

Alex Douglas

Guidare (2020)

L'Uomo (Lead)                             

Wizardlight Productions

Lucky Day (2019)

Fred (Lead)                             

Katie Clark

A Primera Vista (2017)

Connor (Principal)                             

Dir: Patrick Rooney

Dear Friend Films

Musical Short Film

- Short and Sweet Film Festival 2018 (USA)

- First-Time Filmmakers Festival Showcase 2018 (Online)

- Gig Harbor Film Festival 2018 (USA)

Ineffable (2017) 

Jeremiah (Lead)                            

Dir: Albert Lucas

Short Film 

- Short and Sweet Film Festival 2019 (USA)

- Lift Off Sessions Film Festival 2019 (UK)

Jeremiah is mute; trapped inside his own thoughts after a traumatic event in his childhood. Is there a reason to give his deep-rooted intellect voice and help him overcome his introspective narrative?

Bear Hunt (2017)

James (Supporting)                           

Dir: Dan Osborne

Sail Away Films/Lost Dog Media/Blackwater Films MMXVII

Short Film 

Reboot (2017)

Aaron (Principal)                             

Dir: Morvie Fik

Short Film 

Short trailer showing friends on a journey away from their screen devices.

Footage also used as video in The Southern Sisters music video for 'Journey'

G.O.D 5 (2016)                                     

Hai Tien (Actor Combatant)
Dir: Mark Westbrook
Producer: Sharon Lavery

Indie Theory Productions/ACS

Join clip at 2:31 - I'm the male video game character in the red jacket

Life in a Box (2016)                             

Alec/Steve (Ensemble)                         

Dir: Mark Westbrook

Producer: Sharon Lavery

Indie Theory Productions/ACS

Cheating (2016)                                    

Chris (Lead)                                  

Dir: Mark Westbrook

Producer: Sharon Lavery

Indie Theory Productions/ACS

STAGE - Drama, Musical Theatre, Opera:

White Christmas Scottish Tour (2018/2019)

Bob Wallace (Principal)
Scottish Tour (including Glasgow, Edinburgh, Ayr, Dundee, Perth, Falkirk)

The Amazing Miss MacFarlane (2018)

The Space, Glasgow

Rare Birds (2018)     

Francis Proust/Archie Asher             

Dir: Reaghan Reilly 

Starlight Theatre, Paisley

The Doll Doctor (2018)     

The Boy (Principal)              

Dir: Bruce Downie 

Govanhill Theatre, Glasgow


The Government Inspector (2016)     

Khlestakov (Lead)              

Dir: Nick J Field 

The Old Hairdressers Studio, Glasgow

Troika (2016)                                         

Tommy (Principal)              

Dir: Mark Westbrook 

Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Venue 38

Leftover (2016)                                      

Tiberius (Actor/Musician)  

Dir: Nick J Field, Mark Westbrook

Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Venue 38


The Cabinet of Dr Caligari (2016)       


Dir: Julie Burns

Scottish Opera Connect, Woodside Hall, Glasgow

Clip about the show on YouTube: Join clip at 1:13 or 2:52

Dr Ferret’s Bad Medicine Roadshow (2015)


Dir: Julie Burns

Scottish Opera Connect, Websters Theatre, Glasgow  

Blabbermouth (2014)                           

Guest Artist                      

Dir: Graham Mclaren

National Theatre of Scotland, The Mound, Edinburgh

Trailer clip on Vimeo: Join clip at 0:22 - I feature just after Tam Dean Burn

Anamchara: Songs of Friendship (2014)                                 


Dir: Lissa Lorenzo, Martin O’Connor

Scottish Opera, Theatre Royal Glasgow (Commonwealth Games)

The Making of Ali and Nino (2014)      


Dir: Joe Douglas

MD: Tarek Merchant

YMT:UK, The Wilde Theatre, Bracknell

Misper (2014)                                         

Barry Rook (Principal)

Dir: Lissa Lorenzo

Scottish Opera Connect, Scottish Opera Production Studios, Glasgow

Terry Pratchett’s Soul Music (2013)   

Sailor Humbug                  

Dir: Luke Sheppard

MD: Craig Adams

Book: Andrew Doyle 

Chor: Cressida Carré

YMT:UK, The Wilde Theatre, Bracknell

The Salsa Sisters (2012)                       

Barry the Brass/Ensemble                

Dir: Steven Dexter

MD: Tarek Merchant

Book: Linda Walton

Chor: Miriam Faura

YMT:UK, The Barbican Theatre, Plymouth


BBC Generation 2014               

Featured on:

Various BBC Regional Radio Stations

BBC Radio1 Newsbeat,

BBC World News

BBC Radio 4 - The Today Programme, James Naughtie

BBC Radio 5 - 5 Live Drive with Peter Allen

BBC1, BBC 2 - The Big Conversation with Edith Bowman

PRI The World, Global Radio Canada

The Culture Studio with Janice Forsyth (2014)

Pick of the Day

BBC Radio Scotland My Love is Like a Mobile Phone



Featured Customer (Lead) (2016)

Tap&Tag demo video
Join clip on YouTube at 0:18


Body Image (2021)

Iain Gallacher Photography

Prospectus and publicity (2019)

Glasgow Caledonian University 


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